Tuesday, 26 May 2009

"Where the bloody hell have you been?"

Wotcha Folks,

I just thought I'd update you on why there's been no updates. 

Well it's two fold really. The main reason is that I've been trying to put some hours in (1 a day in fact) on my website Orcs in the Webbe as I have neglected it terribly recently and decided it was time to start doing regular updates. These have yet to materialize as I foolishly picked a big feature to start again with but that should be done for this Friday.

And secondly that I started this blog mainly in order to save money on gaming by picking a new subject and scale to stop spending a fortune on those darned 28mm+ metal miniatures. Well little did I expect shiny plastic pre-painted superheroes to drop to 25p a pop. Yep what with the tits up of Wizkids Games you've been able to get DC and Marvel heroes at bargain prices all over the UK so I have expanded my collection alot. There are some excellent mini's in there for Flash Gordon gaming but for the moment I've just been playing Two Hour Wargames excellent CR3.0 ruleset with Batman and Co cleaning up the streets of Gotham. 

Do not worry I've not given up on my 15mm Flash Gordon adventures but it might be a couple of weeks yet whilst normal service is resumed.