Monday, 22 August 2011

And now for something completely different...

Heya Folks,

Well, no posts for over two years. As I'm sure you may have surmised my 15mm Flash Gordon project now sits on a metaphorical shelf with a multitude of other ideas. I'm sure that all gamers have a similar place for their unresolved projects, mine is something like the storage room of the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders.

I've been quite busy with other projects actually, Orcs in the Webbe, my blackpowder fantasy site was going really well for a while, so much so in fact that I joined the ranks of Alternative Armies as the editor of the online version of their content portal, Barking Irons. OITW is still ticking away, mainly as a pre 3rd Edition Flintloque archive at the mo but there are plans. They're in a box next to some other in my storage room, but significantly nearer the door than some others.

So, what then will I be doing on this blog...

As I'm sure you've noticed the title has in fact changed. The sad fact of the matter is that these days the only gaming I get to do is on my own. So I intend to document what I play and how exactly I go about playing it. It's not all going to be wargaming, in fact the boardgame and CCG content may in fact outweigh the wargames content but that's the nature of gaming alone, some rulesets work out better than others.

I hope those of you that have followed me so far continue to do so and that I might get some brand new ones with which to share my experiences.

Woody Allen once made a marvellous statement about the other, perhaps better known, form of 'playing with oneself' which I will tinker with and leave you to think about...

Don't knock playing with yourself, it's gaming with someone you love.

Keep the Flag Flying !