Saturday, 4 August 2012

Musings of a Welshman - The 2012 Reboot !

Whatever happened to this blog? It was created as a place where I kept track of my new gaming dedication to Flash Gordon in 15mm, intending to get the most out of gaming by using cheaper miniatures. I had some success too and now I look back and wonder what might have been given the surge of 15mm gaming in the last few years.

Then almost a year ago to the day it was rebranded as a haven for solitaire gaming but, even though I have continued gaming on my own, I never updated it with a single post as my mind once again got caught up playing, creating, writing - never remaining focused enough on the one subject.

I, like many others, have started myriad online blogs/projects before and more often than not they fall by the wayside as my interests change, my posts get fewer, even loyal readers visit slow to a trickle and eventually they become unused, forgotten, almost a tomb of sorts. An online grave containing treasures from a forgotten age, gathering virtual dust, waiting for an intrepid virtual archaeologist to uncover them.

My own albatross/opus Orcs in the Webbe started life as an archaeological adventure, digging up lost articles for a little known and even less played gaming system called Flintloque. Now, ten years later after two new versions and hundreds of followers (both new and renewed) I find myself running Barking Irons, the official site for Flintloque, and like so many other projects my own site has faded into obscurity.

The problem is that I am one of the gaming worlds planners, like I'm sure many of you will be too. I have designed games, written sequels, reformatted older rules - all for my own eyes behind closed doors, occasionally just within the confines of my mind. Usually I flit between projects on an almost weekly basis. This means I get a tremendous amount of things started but as my mind wanders precious little things finished. Like the tombs they inhabit, this creates more artefacts that get lost and forgotten about.

Sure I havent forgotten about  Orcs in the Webbe . Plans are in fact underway to re-create it with the extremely functional and smooth Joomla 2.5 system utilising the excellent K2plugin. A few of you may even have had a sneak peek, but for the moment it mainly sits in neutral gear, waiting for something to inspire me to pick up the reins again. Perhaps a new game, one featuring a different perspective on Orcs, will do just that...

But I digress (imagine that...), where am I going with this 'inaugural' post... Well, it's more of a general announcement. This is my current blog reboot, much like comic book characters and television/film franchises that keep coming back in a slightly different form, this blog shall hopefully be a place to tell the world what I'm thinking about and also a place where I can get feedback on those thoughts. Too many ideas go by in my head to keep them to myself. It'll keep it's focus on gaming (be they wargames, board games, ccgs, or dare I say it, computer games) but with my wedding coming up and real life being what it is, the occasional non-gaming post may slip in. 

Hopefully you'll all find something to inspire you. 

Keep the Flag Flying!



Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

I just signed up to follow you on this new venture and look forward to reading of your Adventures. AA or not.


Tony said...

Hi Craig,

I'll keep checking back.

Good luck with the re-branding.