Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Adventure Begins !

Afternoon All,

Welcome to my new blog which will document my journey into the world of 15mm science fiction and fantasy gaming. It has been 100% inspired by Tony (Dampfpanzerwagon) foray into the world of 40mm Flash Gordon gaming on his blog. I always read Tony's blog updates with awe, his painting is awesome and the conversions and scenery he somehow finds the time to create are truly a wonder. For a long time I have played pretty much one system, Flintloque, which has taken up much of my time with both the game itself and the website I run for it, Orcs in the Webbe, I will still be carrying on with Flintloque as it enters it's 3rd incarnation but I have decided it's time to get a different gaming perspective so I'm changing to 15mm gaming to see what it's like.

I must be honest the main deciding factor in loosing a whole centimetre off my models has been cost, 28mm miniatures have been gradually getting more and more expensive over the last few years and whilst I do appreciate the amount of effort and time that goes into creating them in the current climate I simply can't afford them any more. I have toyed with (and as a result, created) many print off minis and flats to try gaming with but there's just something about miniatures games that make them so much more appealing. For me it's not just the gameplay (although that is obviously hideously important too) but the hobby itself, collecting the miniatures, painting them and getting them onto the gaming table.

Taking Tony's lead I have decided to stick to Flash Gordon for my initial encounter with the world of 15mm, not because there was a plethora of minis that suited it (quite the opposite at first glance) but because I liked what T0ny had done. For him the seeking out and finding of new minis/terrain that fits in with his chosen theme and scale has in itself become part of the hobby.

All of this has tied in nicely to my trip to Salute at the end of the month, meaning I can pick up some minis without incurring postage, although at 15mm the costs don't stray too high anyways :)

So without further ado I leave you gentle reader to enjoy The Space Adventures of the MadWelshWizard.


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Dampf said...

Hi Craig

Firstly, thank you for the very kind comments about my modelling Blog and collection of 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures. I hope that you have the same amount of fun in building up your collection as I have experienced.

Secondly, if this new Blog is anything like as good as your Orcs in the Webbe site then you will be very successful.

And finally, although I will not be down at Salute (Its just too far for me to travel), I hope that you can pick up some suitable miniatures.

Once again good luck from one Welshman to another.