Tuesday, 14 April 2009

15mm Flash Gordon Photograph !

I figured out the camera and here is the first picture of my 15mm Flash Gordon miniature. The photography is not perfect but you can get the idea :) The expertly chosen brown backdrop is my wallet

It is one of Peter Pig's Red Alien's, you can see it on their picture on thier website, it's the one on the far left of the image below, the one aiming down the barrel of his gun...

And below is my painted version...

I'm quite chuffed with it, it's not brilliant but definitely tabletop gaming quality.

It still has a few bits left to do as mentioned in my previous post. Comments welcome and advice taken on board (please be gentle though!)



Eli Arndt said...

It looks great.

You definitely need to give 15mm figs some distance to truly appreciate the effect on most. Single 15mm figs are even harder to get an effect on because they cannot benefit from the charm of the massed troop effect you get with armies and squads of tiny men.


Leutenant Brittan said...

Very nice job!

Im trying to find some suitable miniatures to start a Stainless Steel Rat collection in 15mm scale and the job youve done on the Flash Gordon mini is a real inspiration!

MadWelshWizard said...

@ Eli

Yeah, I might do some kind of small based diorama for the main characters so at least they look like something notable on the shelf.


MadWelshWizard said...

@ Lt Brittan

Awesome idea ! I first got into this whole crazy idea because of Dampfpanzerwagon's excellent 40mm Flash Gordon collection. As he says it changes the way you look at miniatures, conventions, even games as you're always trying to spot something you can use :)

I've not read any Stainless Steel Rat, I've pledged to myself to read 100 books this year so I'll throw one of them into the mix :)


Leutenant Brittan said...


The stainless steel rat books are well worth a look! Heres a link to the free the short story that started the series off: