Monday, 6 April 2009

Flash Gordon - Coming Soon in Colour !

So one week and a bit after Salute (in between DIY tasks) I am going to try and paint my Peter Pig supplied 15mm Flash Gordon.

The first thing I found about 15mm is that they are really bloody small. I know this might seem obvious to most people but I'm not sure I was expecting them to be quite so small. However not to be deterred I am going to go for it.

I've been umming and ahhing about what colour to paint him but I think I've decided to go with the 80's cartoon scheme (which is the same as dampfpanzerwagon did with his 40mm Flash Gordon
) but also it matches up with some of the comics.


Now I have no idea how this is going to go, I am an extremely slow novice level painter and have never painted anything this small.

Before unleashing the coloured gloop I first need to base the tiny little man. After checking out a variety of forums I've decided to go for small steel washers (and shall be purchasing some this evening) but I am going to compare the to 1p coins as well as I know a lot of people favour them.

I also might try a test paint on one of the other 'Red Martians' I have, I'll try and take some photos as I go but not sure how the macro function on my camera will perform.

Am quite excited and will let you know how I get on...



Anonymous said...

Hi Craig

I have no issue with you using this image of my Flash Gordon on a flying jetbike on your Space Adventure Blog, here it is;

Keep up the good work.


PS. I've also found 15mm miniatures very difficult to paint (too small). Try bright colours over a black undercoat, with one highlight. Keep the bases simple - I have used 2p and 1p coins, but washers are magnetic, so might have a benefit for storage!


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, me again.

Are you aware of this Group?


. said...

Thanks Tony ! I'm going to try and copy your awesome jet jet bike using a Peter Pig Martian flyer.

They are SO small ! I like the black undercoat idea, I think I'll try it, if I bugger it up I'll dig out some Dettol :)

The small scale is going to make it hard to do conversions too I imagine :S


Eli Arndt said...


I will say don't be off-put by 15mm. I have worked in the scale for sometime and once you get used to it, you may find that the painting goes much quicker than you may have initially thought.

I second the black undercoat. Also, drybrushing or "wetbrushing" go long ways in this scale. Try to make your color choices have a bit more contrast than you might normally think to use for 28mm (something I learned doing WW2 German camo smocks).

As for conversions in 15mm. They are easier than I first thought. There is a lot of forgiveness in this scale. I have converted zombies and even vehicles in 15mm.


Leutenant Brittan said...


Cant wait to see how you get on! I am seriously thinking of going for some 15mm scale sci-fi and Flash Gordon is one of my favorite characters along with the Stainless Steel Rat!

Its the total opposite of my current fantasy project (Leviathan) which revolves around REALLY big models!

Best of Luck!